Photographic Reflections

Shhh... I'm catching water drops!I caught the photo bug early on in life, and have enjoyed life from behind the camera lens ever since. This site is our photographic ramblings, which gets updated whenever I get the urge. Browse the historic pieces for memories of years gone by.

Oregon, the Cascades, the land of falling water. Photographic Reflections, a photographic tour across Oregon.

Feel the warm sand in your toes as you listen to the waves crash on the rocks. The Oregon Coast has many different faces and as many moods to match. It can be soft, quiet and romantic, or loud, brash and flamboyant. It is a place that will match any mood you present to it.

Listen to the wind howl on a stormy night as you see the strobe from the lighthouse. Experience the isolation and power of nature as you tour the historic lighthouses of Oregon. Built when technology was young, these stand as a testimony to a era gone by.

Stand in awe as you watch water tumble over volcano formations. Gaze into the deep blue eyes of Crater Lake. Decide which peak is the “lightning rod of the Cascades.” Join the waterfall tour and find out why the mountains of Oregon are called the Cascades, the land of falling water.

Welcome to Oregon, enjoy your stay.